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Board Games with Panda is bi-weekly board game podcast where Amanda and Brad talk about all the great games they've been playing and offer their thoughts on a wide range of topics that are on their mind.

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Board Game Collection 

May 26, 2017

In Episode 4, Amanda and Brad talk about the games they've been playing since last episode as well as provide their review for Yokohama by Hisashi Hayashi and published by Tasty Minstrel Games.

What we've been playing

Big Box Takenoko (0:25)

Mechs vs Minions (1:25)

Diamonds (2:56)

Dead of Winter (4:12)

Timeline Challenge (8:55)

Roll For It (10:06)

Ethnos (11:16)

New York Slice  (12:25)

Troyes (12:55)

One Night Ultimate Alien (14:00)

Roll for the Galaxy (15:40)

Biblios (16:46)

Vikings Gone Wild (18:12)

Sagrada (21:53)

Fabled Fruit (26:30)


This copy was provided by TMG as a review copy. It is the standard retail version.


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