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Board Games with Panda is bi-weekly board game podcast where Amanda and Brad talk about all the great games they've been playing and offer their thoughts on a wide range of topics that are on their mind.

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Jun 8, 2017

 This week, Brad and Amanda go over their plans for their first trip to Origins Game Fair in Columbus Ohio. They also highlight the Top 10 games they're most excited about checking out.

What we’ve been playing

Arkham Horror LCG (0:54 )

Barenpark (2:00)

Onitama (3:12)

Quadropolis (3:33)

The Grizzled (4:40)

Mr. Jack (5:00)

Evolution (5:30)

Ethnos (6:07)

Sagrada (6:45)

EXIT: The Secret Lab (7:38)

Diamonds (8:20)

Camel Up (9:15)
One Night Ultimate Alien (9:50)

Near and Far (10:32)


Origins Prep Plans and Events (13:05)

North Market Link - A great place for food

Site book - This has maps of the convention as well as lots of great info!

Nerd Night - Charity event that benefits a local Children's Hospital June 15th 22:00-02:00

Renegade Event - Event at Tabletop Game Cafe June 15th 19:00-23:00

 BGG Origins Geek List - Origins with all of the new games available for purchase/demo at Origins from Board Game Geek

Tabletop together tool - Fantastic tool to help you sort the new releases and filter by your interest.

Our ten games we are looking forward to Geek List

Caverna: Cave vs Cave (32:30)

Century: Spide Road (33:47)

Dealine (35:03)

Divinity Derby (36:05)

Escape from 100 Million B.C.  (37:31)

Island Hopper (38:25)

Orleans: Trade and Intrigue ( 40:32)

Professor Evil and The Citadel of Time  (41:52)

The Fox in the Forest (43:11)

Witches of the Revolution  (44:11)


Special thanks to the following people for providing us ideas on what to do at Origins

@overthehillier - Patrick Hillier

@Maggibot from meeplesincluded

@JayAhre - JR Honeycutt



Misc: I said that the suits allow you to manipulate the dice in Diamonds. They actually allow you to manipulate the DIAMONDS with some allowing you to move diamonds to your showroom and others that allow you to move the diamonds to your vault.



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