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Board Games with Panda is board game podcast where we talk about the games that we love and the community around them.

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Sep 29, 2017

This week, Amanda and Brad discuss how they go about picking out games for game night with a little help from the /r/boardgames subreddit.  

0:46 Deckscape: Test Time – dV Giochi

3:24 Fox in the Forest – Renegade Games

5:51 Triplock – Chip Theory Games

8:10 Caverna: The Cave Farmers - Lookout Games

10:30 By Order of the Queen – Junk Spirit Games

13:26 Rhino Hero - HABA

14:17 Klondike Rush – Red Raven Games

 18:66 Great Wester Trail – Stronghold Games


24:05 Topic of the Week

What’s your process for choosing games for game night?