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Board Games with Panda is bi-weekly board game podcast where Amanda and Brad talk about all the great games they've been playing and offer their thoughts on a wide range of topics that are on their mind.

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Apr 13, 2018

It's our one year anniversary of Board Games with Panda! It's been a crazy year of lots of games. This week, we go over what we've been playing, talk about Who's Yer Con, and talk about gaming with new friends.


0:10 - Pie Town

4:36 - Monster Match

7:18 - Rising Sun

8:55 - Deal or Duel

11:53 - Exit The Game - Polar Station

13:07 - Skull

14:49 - Potion Explosion

15:58 - Concordia

17:49 - Imperius

21:04 - Heaven and Ale


26:12 - Who’s Yer Con

28:37 - Board Games on Easter

31:40 - Meeple Circus

33:32 - Playing Board Games with The Drinking Meeples

36:52 - A few stats from our first year of podcasting



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